We built the future with long lasting co-operations.
Having DOP ROYAL Ltd’s experience as an ally  and with high quality products and services
we continue vigorously our activity!

The parent company DOP ROYAL Ltd is very active and dynamic in the design, construction and renovation of hotels and tourist accommodations abroad.

Implementing an important part of its overall development strategy, the Group DOP ROYAL proceeded with significant investments in road safety and urban equipment areas and  intends to extend its power in other fields,too, by providing advanced services to its customers in Cyprus, Greece, Balkans and United Arab Emirates.

Χώρες που δραστηριοποιούμαστε

Our Philosophy

“Α Responsible Business probably constitutes
the most important parameter that defines the course
of the Parent Company”

D.Royal Signature Greek Branch philosophy is the construction of hotels with high safety, quality and esthetic, in complete harmony with the features that are demanded by the type of use, the location and the natural environment in which every project is placed.

Our constructions are perceived from their pioneer architectural design, their esthetic integrity, their ergonomics and the functionality of their areas.

In every project of ours we care to select high quality building materials and to truly follow the structural design and the antiseismic regulation. From the initiation of the works, up until the final delivery of the project, the supervision of works from our specialized engineers is constant and thorough. Our partnership with the project contractor and his update of information is constant, giving priority in quality, in speed, in responsibility and in safety.

The constructions and renovations of hotels constitute a special and separate chapter in our activities. We are in position to complete demanding constructions, satisfying the special needs of the potential investor.