Why choose us

The feeling of remarkable, in any business relationship that it is formed, but also the uniqueness that it is attributed in every project that our company undertakes, place the foundations for achieving high goals.

Our company D.Royal Signature Greek Branch in cooperation with engineers and architectures in this field of work, who are embracing the same values with us, have the qualifications to produce works of unique aesthetic and high quality, honoring our clients preference to us, creating long last human relations.

In addition we ensure cost estimation transparency, delivery within tight schedules, where it is necessary, as well as the outmost possible flexibility during the whole duration of the construction, resulting to a final product of increased quality value that will satisfy even the most demanding client.

With respect to our client demands, we ensure the idealist construction solutions, offering complete proposals, with the use of new materials for modern architecture creations.

Company D.Royal Signature Greek Branch Construction, guarantees the delivery of quality constructions, satisfying every special need of its clients. The company can successfully complete projects in the full context of constructions, as she incorporates a highly specialized and trustworthy network of partners – suppliers – contractors. Particularly the company is specialized, with rich experience, in construction of hotel units.

Of course we undertake any kind of project, regardless of size and location of the construction, turning the architecture planning in reality. The execution of the project is carried with responsibility and total synchronization from our expert crews and the supervising contractor, successfully realizing large scale projects and high quality constructions, in a short period of time.

Within these frames of our applications, always with respect to the client, our company has the ability to fully support or undertake a project in the following realization stages:

  • Engineering & Design support

  • Contracting Strategy
  • Tendering & Procurement management
  • Quality Control
  • Cost control
  • Contract management
  • Scheduling
  • Field Supervision
  • Health & safety management
  • Final Reporting

Thus, the company applies all the required procedures, in order to be able to guarantee a perfect result in its constructions, and with absolute transparency can offer the following services:

Constructions with the Use of Steel

Steel presents high tolerance in atmospheric corrosion, has double lifespan in comparison with concrete, it is relatively lightweight, as well as it is also a ductile material and it is environmental friendly, as it can be recycled.

The constructions that uses steel as basic construction material and dry building materials on their coating or their compartmentalization provide to the final product:

  • Full Earthquake Resistance Protection
  • Low Cost of Materials
  • Fast Construction
  • Thermal and Sound Insulation Ability
  • Aesthetic Result
  • Unlimited durability against time
  • Friendly against Environment