Hotel Construction

We are in position to fulfill extremely demanding constructions, satifying the special needs of the potential investor.

Our company D.royal Signature Greek Branch, offers complete solutions, which includes:

  • The construction designing of hotels and other holiday accommodation facilities,

  • The surveying, the architecture, the static and electromechanical study of the project,

  • The supervision and the construction of projects,

  • The coordination of works,

  • The renovation and/or the reconfiguration of a hotel,

  • The design and execution of interior decoration,

  • The design and the reform of surrounding areas,

  • The equipment of a hotel and of all the proportioned areas and facilities (restaurant, coffee bar, spa, gym etc.)

Construction of Building Projects

The evolution never stops. It is a fact that the technological evolutions opened new horizons in the architecture of buildings.

Our company possesses the knowhow, in cooperation with reputable partners, which specialize in the field of study – construction of steel building projects, covering this way a large spectrum of needs in building infrastructure within Greek territory. By applying design and construction solutions of the modern world, offers to the user or the investor the significant advantages of the short performance time, the low cost budget and the ideal aesthetic result. The increasing demands in construction of modern buildings, gives to steel the first place as a construction material of choice, which presents unique toughness, and it is the most suitable material for such constructions. Steel, due to its technical features, it is the most ideal from any other material in resolving difficult static problems in a building, while at the same time it doesn’t set any boundaries in the architecture expression choices, offering the capability for the even most daring solutions.

With respect to our client demands, we ensure the ideal construction solutions, offering complete proposals, with the use of new materials for modern architecture creations, such as hotels of any category, Spa Hotels, Beach Resorts, Mountain Resorts, Bungalows, Boutique Hotels etc..

Construction of Building Projects

Ongoing Projects

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Cost Management

Our large specialization in projects of high budget “load” (such as hotels of 4 & 5 stars), allow us to define with accuracy the budget of a project, emphasizing especially in those points that might in the future reveal critical accounting issues. We guarantee and ensure the limits in which each investor wishes to stay within, focusing in transparency and effectiveness. Therefore in the Hotel Cost Management we are able to provide:

  • Value Engineering
  • Pricing & Negotiation
  • Contractors’ and subcontractor’s evaluation
  • Cost Planning
  • Viability Assessment
  • Procurement & Contract Documentation
  • Risk Analysis
  • Quantities’ controlling
  • Payment controlling
  • Cost Reporting

Project Management

By applying the latest methods in the field of Project Management, we guarantee the successful execution of all phases in a project. We are in a position to manage all the aspects of a project, starting from the designing and preparation phase (preconstruction phase), continuing in the execution phase and reaching in the maintenance of the project (after-construction phase). More specifically the services we offer are:

  • Design Phase Management
  • Scheduling & Estimating
  • Value Engineering
  • Permit Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Claim Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Quality Control
  • Field Supervision
  • Progress monitoring
  • Final Reporting
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We support the potential investor, by providing high level consulting services in all technical issues that are related with the proposal under examination. We delimit and analyze firmly all issues that are critical in every step of the examined proposal. Specifically we offer:

  • Technical Auditing & advising
  • Environmental Auditing & advising
  • Maintenance auditing & advising
  • Designing phase support
  • Master Planning support

Construction Management

With respect to our client we offer:

  • Engineering & Design support
  • Contracting Strategy
  • Tendering & Procurement management
  • Quality Control
  • Cost control
  • Contract management
  • Scheduling
  • Field Supervision
  • Health & safety management
  • Final Reporting

A budget of construction is always made, after agreeing on the construction plans, with analytic estimates and descriptions of all works that will be done, as well as of the materials to be used, providing these way competitive and affordable prices.