Our company, by taking advantage on the extensive experience in issuing building permits, is in position to ensure the licensing of your construction in a short period of time.

A team of experienced engineers (architectures, civil engineers, electrical engineers, engineers and surveyors) will engage in the collection of all required documentation, both within and outside Attiki prefecture, as well as in the coordination of all necessary actions for the prompt submission of applications to the responsible authorities.



We assume the issuance of all approvals in total that required for any kind of building, such as:

The management of the Project focuses in:

  • Building Permit

  • Classification certificate from Forestry.

  • Archeology endorsement.

  • Approval for traffic connection.

  • Permit for works of minor scale.

  • Placement of semi-outdoor areas.

  • Permit for Photovoltaic Systems installation.

  • Drilling permit for use of Geothermal Energy.

  • Approval of works for energy efficiency upgrades of buildings.

  • Demolition Permit.

  • Change in the use of areas and all these both within and outside of Attiki prefecture.

  • The use of resources,

  • Timeframe adjustments,

  • Budget issues,

  • Management of human relations on the building site,

  • The correct and constant communication of all involving members.

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