In our study department, we provide high level of software and electronic data processing, tools necessary for conducting a study (calculation and design) of any technical project, with steel as its main building material.

The detailed surveying of all materials in drawings and the preparation of application plans for the steel frame composition, are the basis for a quick and low cost result.

During the construction of the project, any problem or special condition, is treated by a team of expert technicians (engineers, designers and consultants), not only by using the technical means at our disposal, but also with the years of experience in performing such projects.

construction studies

Each project is special for us. The satisfaction of your needs is our basic goal. The architecture design starts based on your operational and aesthetic demands. Experience gives us the ability to make your thought, a plan.

By creating steel frame constructions with dry building materials, we fortify the solution of a building against earthquakes, but in general against extreme natural actions, such as wind, snow and significant temperature changes. In addition the ability of free architecture design, can meet the requirements of the most demanding user.

Studies for Electromechanical Facilities

The studies for electromechanical facilities, gets to seal up the chapter on studies, giving “life” to the construction.

  • Outdoor illumination that highlights the building and its surrounding areas,
  • Indoor illumination adjusted to the use of each area,
  • Automation Systems
  • Control-Camera Systems
  • Heating and air-conditioning of areas,
  • Geothermal Applications,
  • Photovoltaic Systems,
  • Sewage Treatment,

are some of the electromechanical studies that are conducted by us.

A correct study, as well as its proper application, ensures functionality, safety and economy.

Architecture Study

We can conduct your architecture study and the construction of your hotel. We take under consideration your needs and we move forward with the study – design of your area, having always as criteria the functionality, the ergonomics and the best possible aesthetic outcome. In architecture study we can include the designing of the surrounding area.

Architecture Study