Airplane is the safest mean of transport that carries millions of people from any part of the world.

The main reason is the high standards that are required and followed in all fields of its construction and operation, in order to assure the safety both in the air and on the ground: either by pilots landing on the airstrip (or taking off), or by ground personnel transferring luggage from one terminal to the other.

The signage and especially the markings are the most significant elements, since they are guiding the pilots during takeoff or landing and ensuring the safe operation of the airports.

Our company with the most experienced and specialized personnel, our experience, the certified materials we are using, as well as the advanced equipment and the machinery we have at our disposal, allow us to provide high standard of services.

Apart from markings we have the ability to equip airports with:

  • Sound Barriers
  • Boards of Electronic Messaging
  • Airport Markings and Signs

Airport and Seaports Variable Message Signs

D.Royal Signature Greek Branch has considerable experience in developing and providing specialist messaging signs and transport information systems. Reliable information systems are vital to the efficient control and operation of road traffic movements within airports, seaports, where traffic volumes can fluctuate dramatically.

European standard, EN 12966.

LED sign applications

  • Lane control
  • Control posts
  • Car parking information
  • Directional signs
  • Way finding signs
  • Passenger interface signs


  • Over height vehicle detection information
  • Internal car park spaces signs
  • Enforcement information
  • Airside information and enforcement LED signs
  • Bespoke LED signage to suit application.


  • Car park guidance signs
  • Vehicle activated signs
  • Lane control signs
  • Tunnel portal mounted signs
  • Speed repeater signs
  • Bespoke LED signage to suit application

Airport Signage

Many people have problems navigating airport signage. Whether they are checking in, going through security, or trying to find a gate, restaurant, restroom, or baggage claim, it’s easy for them to lose their way.

Intuitive airport wayfinding and directional signage can provide the traveler with better control over their journey and the airport with an opportunity to improve the passenger experience.

D. Royal Signature Greek Branch, can respond to any and all types of signs required.

Airport Signage

  • Taxiway signs
  • Mandatory instruction signs
  • Guidance signs
  • Location signs
  • Directional signs
  • Destination signs
  • Informative signs

Digital Signage Solutions

Digital Signage Solutions