The steel shot blasting method is a mechanical procedure which has been designed to remove the surface imperfections and layers from the ground.

This process is fully controlled, safe and environmental friendly. It doesn’t use water, chemicals or solvents, emits no pollutant or dust on atmosphere, and the removed material can often be fully recyclable. The metal beads that are used, collide – bouncing on the surface and combined with the material upon the surface, regardless of whether they are pollutants, coating or the surface material itself which has been polished, are absorbed by air in the machine that is generated by the vacuum unit.

Shotblasting Method

This method can widely be applied both in the region of Attiki prefecture, where the needs of pavement improvement are highly demanded due to their slippery condition, and on the National Road Network, especially on the already spotted dangerous points.


The method of steel shot blasting is applied with a special machine which ejects the steel beads with high speed, as a result to create of rough surface upon the asphalt significantly increasing the skid resistance.

Special Applications:

  • Concrete Highways

  • Slippery road pavements

  • Runways

  • Bridges

  • Tunnels

Benefits from Steel Shot Blasting Method

  • Increased pavement skid resistance.

  • 80% reduction of road accidents.

  • Cheaper process for improving the road pavement instead of laying new asphalt.

  • Normal conduct of traffic during the works.

  • The vehicle vacuums the remaining extra steel balls, all the trash and the debris from the asphalt.