For the placement of pavement reflective markers, we occupy an autonomous application crew, consisted by three to four persons, depending on the work load that needs to be covered, with relevant placement machinery and necessary tools for the realization of the application.

The pavement reflective markers are materials of horizontal traffic signage, which reflect (through retro-reflective) the light of car lights and facilitate driving especially during the night.

  • They Warn
  • They Guide
  • They inform
Pavement Reflective Markers

They can be detected by vision, by sound and by sense (through vibrations).

Depending on the use, we have a permanent or a temporary type of pavement reflective markers. The reflective marker is double sided, when it has two reflective surfaces pointed in both directions of the road, and one sided, when it has only one reflective surface pointed in one direction of the road. They are pasted upon the pavement.

They are used in order to facilitate driving, especially during night (separation of traffic lanes and bus lanes, before the median strip on highways, garage, parking, pedestrian crossings etc.)

The reflective marker is consisted by the Body and the Retro-Reflective elements and it is accompanied by the relative adhesive material. Shape and dimensions are according to the current Standard (ELOT-EN 1463).

The available reflective markers, by our company D.Royal Signature Greek Branch, have reflective (retro-reflective) elements in various dimensions, colors and shapes (forms). The reflective elements are from glass (freckled) or plastic (of micro-prismatic structure), durable against friction and according to the photometric requirements (rate of light intensity R), that is provided by the current Standard ELOT EN 1463.