Taking under consideration the required performance categories, in accordance with ELOT EN 1317, meaning the ability to restrain, the category of operational width and the severity of impact, our company D. Royal Signature Greek Branch has the ability to supply and place certified systems in accordance with the European Standards.

In accordance to the European Standard EN1317, the barrier categories are defined by the following three factors:

  • One-sided metallic road safety barriers
  • Bilaterally metallic road safety barriers
  • Construction Guardrails
safety barriers

The vehicle restraint systems must limit as much possible the consequences of accidents. By those is intended:

  • The protection of third parties, meaning people that are not direct participants in car accidents or the areas in either sides of the road that needs protection or the oncoming traffic in roads with separated roadways.
  • The protection of passengers from consequences due to the diversion of the vehicle from the roadway, i.e. due to fall or impact in an obstacle alongside the road.

Company D.Royal Signature Greek Branch, with years of experience continuously contributes in improving road safety.