For cleaning the cement surfaces with water under high pressure, for the removal of coatings, paints and other overlays, that are hard to remove with other ways, we are using machinery of latest technology with high horsepower (bar) for excellent results.

  • Removal of markings of any kind of texture, age and thickness
  • Removal of rubber from airport runways and racing tracks for cars and motorcycles.
  • Recovery of skid resistance.

By investing in safety of road networks, airports, parking stations etc., our company D. Royal Signature Greek Branch, provides pioneering and modern special machinery, equipped with the innovative method of super high water pressure. This method has excellent tested results in removal of rubber (mainly from landing/take off runways of airports), in removal of old road markings (of any texture, quality or age), as well as in the skid resistance recovery, due to high load of traffic or even with the normal wear combined with the adding of pollution, mainly in raining conditions.

Typical applications for road maintenance services are:
  • All type of road surfaces (cement, asphalt etc.)

  • Parking lots for cars, busses, taxi

  • Pedestrian crossings

  • Tunnels

  • All areas of an airport

  • Testing tracks

  • Racing Tracks

  • Toll stations

  • Bus Lanes

  • Bicycle lanes

After the application, the surfaces are clean and almost dry, resulting to be able for surface remarking within 20 to 30 minutes.